Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 10 - 15

Mom, I will feed Lynnie.  You can take a shower.

Look, Mom, I am signing "I Love You" and an "L" for Lynlee!

Yummy, bread and butter is my favorite thing to eat right now.

Cece's outfit today was an homage to {R}.  I love the style that she has brought to our family!

white vest that I bought for her because it matches one that {R} has
I heart My Birth Mom shirt
bracelet {R} gave Cece for Christmas
cheetah skirt
leg warmers {R} gave Cece for Christmas

It is the second week with the new teachers in Primary, and Lynnie's were late (and ended up having a substitute that day).  Lynnie Lu was a little nervous, but Ellie immediately said "I will take care of her!"  They are such sweet sisters.

We saw Greg for about 10 minutes towards the end of Sunday School, in between his appointments.  He instantly put Cece to sleep (after I had been trying for all of Sunday School).  They snuggled, but Cece woke up when we transferred her back to me.  Oh, well.  She was happy for a while and I managed to actually do my calling (well, half of it) for the first time in what seems like months -- and played the prelude and opening song in Relief Society.

Our girls could not have more different eating habits.  With a new year comes a renewal of effort to get Ellie to try fruits and vegetables.  Our new procedure is for her to try one fruit and one vegetable every night at dinner.  She made a list of 5 fruits and 5 vegetables she would be willing to try, and I went and got them all.  So far, she has managed to gag down all of her choices, but she has not admitted to liking any yet.  She does, however, love tilapia -- especially the basil pesto tilapia from Costco.

Lynnie loves fruits and vegetables, but does not like tilapia.  She cleaned her plate of everything but the smashed potatoes, and ate about 5 more cherry tomatoes.

When {R} and her family came to dinner last week, they brought some baked potato chips.  The girls liked them so much that when I saw them on sale at Costco, I picked some up.  While I was fixing dinner, Ellie shared some with Cece.  I didn't notice until she had already eaten some and seemed to like them.  For her first junk food, I guess it is not the worst choice.

I decided that if she was big enough to eat potato chips she was big enough to try drinking water from a sippy cup.  She loved it -- until she got a big mouthful, choked on it, and threw up all over her tray.  Learning experiences...

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