Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Headers

Well, I know it is officially a new year when I remember to create new headers for all of the blogs.  I love the website to create the collages I use.  It is as easy as putting my words in a Word document (so I don't accidentally lose them from the website), playing around with the formatting (hitting re-layout or re-color is my favorite thing), taking a screen shot of the best ones, and then cropping the picture down.

I seriously spend way too much time playing around with different combinations.  It is all randomized, so sometimes I get frustrated because I want to change one little thing.  But it is all or nothing -- and that is just fine!

The more times you type a word, the bigger that word is.  Here, I have TenderMercies 8 times, our names and LOVE 4 times, twenty-fifteen 3 times, and the other words 1 time.

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