Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 17

We have really struggled with wearing Cece's hearing aids over the last month.  A lot of it comes down to the fact that she would scream and panic every time I would try and put them in.  I could tell they were really bothering her, and it finally dawned on me that they must be too loud.  Because they are loaner hearing aids, they are not adjustable.  Janeal, the audiologist at the Utah School for the Deaf, programmed them at a moderate/severe hearing loss level.  So I made an appointment and Cece I went to get them turned down.  Janeal reprogrammed them to be at a mild hearing loss level.  We also did a Sound Booth test while we were there without the hearing aids, and Cece was responding to sounds as low as 30 decibels. which is whispering (normal conversation is at 60 decibels).

Since the hearing aids are turned lower, Cece is fine wearing them every day.  Sure, she gets tired of them after a couple of hours, but she does not fight me on them or even cry when I put them in.  I still cannot tell if they are helping, but at least we are giving it a really good try.

We met my friend Beth and two of her children at the Aquarium for a fun afternoon.  I miss Beth, and it was great to get caught up in person.  Beth is my work friend, and we used to share an office at the U, before we had kids.  We had a great time laughing and talking every week, and we arranged our schedules to maximize our time together.

We finally found the rope bridge and Ellie went over it three times.  Lynnie encouraged her from the end.

 We love the bubble inside the fish tank.  Lynnie told me she was going in and I needed to take her picture.  Okey dokey artichokey!

After seeing the animals, we went to the indoor playground.  Cece and Lynnie mostly stayed by Beth and I, and the bigger kids ran all over.  We were just winding up and getting ready to go home, when out of nowhere a pink flash ran up and tackled Ellie.  It was her BFF from school, Pyper.  So much happy squealing occurred!  And we stayed another hour.

Then we had to rush home for Activity Days and a quick dinner before going to Denver's birthday party.  Jessica always has amazing decorations, and this year was no exception.  It was a Frozen party, which was extra exciting for my girls.

Grandpa, what are you doing?!?

There were "do you want to build a snowman?" kits, and we discovered the best way to make the marshmallows stick together was to lick them and squish.  Lynnie also applied that technique to her chocolate chips.  She was kind enough when she was eating her treat to share a marshmallow with Kylene.  I whispered to her not to eat it since Lu had licked it, and Ky said, "I can tell -- it's wet!"

Denver is 3!

A busier day than normal for us.  All fun activities, but it wore us out.

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