Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 18 - 28

Cece has discovered that it is fun to try on shoes.

Wearing her hearing aids was a success today!  Ellie brought her homework in Cece's room and worked on it while we all played.  It was one of those magical hours where everyone was giggling and we all loved being together.  It was perfect.

We love all our special turtles and dolphins.

Introducing the newest stander and walker in our house!

Greg and I left the girls in the capable hands of Kami and attended the sealing of my cousin Rob and Yael.  Yael worked with Sister Oaks at BYU and they arranged to have Elder Oaks perform the sealing.  It was special to be in the sealing room with an Apostle.  It was even more special because Yael and her family are from Mexico, and so there was a translator.  I was mesmerized hearing Elder Oaks speak a sentence, and then hearing the translator with the same sentence in spanish. 

The family of the groom

Rex & Julie, Uncle Bill, Yael & Rob, Aunt Phyllis, Shayla & Chris

The cousins
Greg & Heather, Adam, Brian, Weston
Ryan & Janice, Yael & Rob, Lyssa, Bobi, Stephanie

Lynnie ate sunflower seeds one day as our snack.  Later on, the girls were happily playing in the basement while Cece and I did some chores.  Then they burst upstairs with a big surprise.  Lynnie was dressed like a sunflower and Ellie was a fairy queen.  It was so cute!

We got to go to Ellie's last Chinese class for the year.  It was fun to see them performing their songs and chants.  While we were waiting to go in, we found Ellie's heart on the Valentine's Day display and Lynnie had fun pushing Cece in the stroller.

 Lynnie loves to sing this song as part of her violin practicing (to learn her finger numbers).


Ellie woke up with a sniffle and a cough and so we kept her home from school.  She decided she was sad about that, so we played school as a substitute.  She made us math books, complete with her name written in cursive.

We did go to her SEP, and it was fun to see her brand-new door decoration.  Anisten's mom was working on it when we got there, and Ellie jumped in to help.

We had fun with two birth parent visits on Saturday.  {R} came and hung out with Ellie, Cece, and I, and Lynnie got to go to a birthday party for Albert's niece with Albert & Kanisha.  There was a breakthrough with Cece, where she played with {R}.  It made my heart so happy!

Kanisha sent me these cute pictures from the party.

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