Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

Another birthday has come and gone, and Greg spoiled me.  I am loving this birthday tradition he started a few years back.  It's my one spa day of the year, and it is an appreciated luxury!

For a special treat, I got to take Ellie to school all by myself.  Usually, Greg takes her and they have a routine of parking the car and walking in together.  The days that I take her (when Greg goes early to work), I have all the girls with me, and we just go through the drop off line and Ellie runs in.  Since we were alone today, we parked the van and walked in together.  It is so fun to see Ellie with her friends and watch her routine.

Then I was off to my day of pampering.  Greg, through his business contacts, found a spa in Springville called The Retreat.  They had a package for Valentine's Day that I was able to take advantage of, with a pedicure, manicure, and 75 minute massage.  It was awesome!  After my pampering there, I stopped and got a haircut on my way home.

I was greeted at home with a fixed toilet and lots of cards and gifts.

 Then we loaded up in the van and went out to dinner together.  This cutie decided to try and color like her big sisters, and she used her left hand the whole time.

She also decided she loves to drink water from the end of a straw.  Those lips are to die for!

We capped off the night with Family Home Evening, and...

...some dessert we brought home from the Pizza Factory.  We didn't have 40 candles, so Greg just put in a 4.  Close enough.  

It was the perfect birthday!

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