Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Day at the Farm

We love to have family adventures on Saturday afternoon.  It is a nice reward after a morning of chores and learning how to work around the house.  We loved having Ky and Uncle Daniel come with us on our adventure to the farm.  We had to take a pony ride first!

. : best place to wait : .

During our time in line, Ellie and Lynnie made assignments.  Daniel would get the biggest pony, Ellie the next biggest, and Lynnie the next biggest.  Cece even got to try out a pony.  Greg was going to walk with Cece and I was on photography duty.  I helped Lu on her pony and then helped Ellie.  It was by far the largest pony she has ever been on, and she freaked out.  I ended up walking with her and abandoned the photography duty to Kylene.  Cece also freaked out and Greg just pulled her off the pony.  That happened so fast that we didn't get a picture of her.  Oh, well.  Here are the girls giving Ky their best smiles.
I love that they dressed up in boots and hats in preparation.  We are all about wearing the "right" clothes for the occasion.

Next we played in these houses.  Lynnie waited for one to be empty before she ventured in.

Ellie immediately went in a full one and made friends.

We fed some ducks, tried to see them milk the cows (but were an hour too early) and went back to play in this room.

Lynnie liked crawling through the tunnels as long as she had my phone with the flashlight app.

. : can you spot our whole crew? : .

Ellie took these next few pictures.

This is my favorite one:

Here is what I was taking at the exact same moment:

Haha!  That was good timing.  And a great afternoon.

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