Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cecilia is 14 Months Old

are we really taking pictures, again?

At 14 months of age, Cece 

~ is wearing 24 month/2T size clothes, size 3 diapers, size 3 & 4 shoes
~ continues to be a good eater.  Favorite foods right now include cuties, grapes, cucumbers, broccoli, and goldfish crackers.
~ has started chewing on the corner of her blankets.  And always has to have at least one blanket close by.  2 blankets are better.
~ continues to cross her feet when she is sitting down or snuggled in to drink milk.  She has done this since she was a tiny baby, and it is darling.
~ is more confident with her walking and walks everywhere.
~ loves to follow her sisters and play with them.
~ has an infectious laugh!
~ adds new signs almost every day.  Consistently signs: sleep, all done, play, shoes, eat, fish (for crackers), more, drink, milk, bath, ball, shoes, no, blanket, cow, dad, mom, nice, thank you, hat
~ loves to wave at people and is starting to flirt more
~ can speak: hi, bye, mama, baba (for ball), boo (for peek-a-boo)
~ seems to be processing and hearing us 95% of the time.  Occasionally has an off day, which makes her cranky.
~ has 7 teeth: 4 on top, 2 on bottom, and a back molar on bottom.  Working on 2 more bottom teeth and 3 more molars.
~ is a spunky princess!  She is loved and adored by everyone, especially her family and her birth mom.

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