Saturday, March 21, 2015

March 10 - 21

Color Me Mine called me to say that something had gone wrong when the penguin was fired, and they offered to give me a full refund or the chance to paint a new penguin.  We count it as a big score, because Lynnie likes her "bubbly" penguin and she got another penguin, too.

. : painting Penguin #2 : . 

When we went back to pick up Penguin #2, Lynnie would not sit too close to Cece, so that the penguin would be safe.

. : tea party with Albert & Kanisha : .

. : hanging out in the Stake Wing : .

. : our neighbor Traci made these darling pillowcase dresses : .

After church, we spent a golden half an hour hanging out in Greg's office with him.  The girls were giggling and laughing, and walking Cece all over.  We were so amazed by their goodness and joy and life.  What a blessing to know them and be a part of their lives!

. : happy St Patrick's day : .

. : so grown up in an outfit from Aunt Jonette : .

. : checking in on recess at preschool next door : .

We went to Kaydren and Steve's wedding reception and had a great time.  For their guest book, everyone had an instamatic picture taken, and we wrote our names at the bottom.  This picture is pretty classic of us -- Cece is asleep on Greg's shoulder (it was after 8 p.m.), Lynnie is making a face, and Ellie is dutifully smiling.

Highlight of Lynnie's week -- Tobyn came with Ky to the reception!  Lynnie was complaining about 5 minutes in that she was ready to go home.  And then her "Tovyn" showed up and she was glued to his side the rest of the night.  And sad when it was time to leave!

On Saturday, we planted the garden with cold weather plants and were very proud of ourselves for having a garden in before Memorial Day (our usual m.o.).  As a reward, we went to see Cinderella.  After having dinner at the deli at Thanksgiving Point.

I got Cece to nap for about 40 minutes of the movie, and spent the rest of the time with her in the hallway.  We haven't tried many movies with the girls, and it is a learning process.  After it was over, Ellie and Lynnie decided they loved it.

. : all snuggled up and sound asleep on Daddy's pillows : .

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