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March 2 - 7

March 2nd is Albert and Kanisha's anniversary, and they invited us to meet them at Color Me Mine.  We were excited to spend time with them on their special day.  Lynnie picked a penguin to paint and Ellie picked a unicorn.  Lu painted about a third of the black, half of the white, put on the eyes, painted the nose, and decided she was done.  Kanisha and I finished her three coats of glaze for her.  Ellie's unicorn is entirely her own creation.  She did it all herself.

photo credit: Ellie

. : loving her hearing aids : .

Fun times in the snow -- the first big snow we have had since Christmas Day.  This is the first time I have bundled Cece up to play in the snow, and she was not really a big fan.  And who can blame her?  That is a lot of bulky clothing to manipulate!  She did fine for a few minutes, until she stuck her hands in some melting snow and got her mittens wet.  Then she was done.

. : it was warmer in the garage, out of the wind : .

Don't let this cute picture fool you.  Cece was standing by the van and screaming.  I was hurriedly trying to shovel, but abandoned it.  It was melting quickly, anyway.

Ellie and Lynnie had fun painting the snow with the art kit Grandma Camp gave Lu as a present bak on her birthday.

All the girls love to play with the bells that we have in Ellie's Let's Play Music kit.  Cece is enthusiastic with her mallets, and she smacked Lynnie in the head on accident.  Ellie was comforting Lu and Cece continued to entertain us with her playing.

Greg was invited, kind of at the last minute, to referee in the 1A boys basketball tournament.  We talked it over and decided to turn it into a family road trip.  We packed up and headed out after getting Ellie from school on Friday.  Cece had had a fever Thursday night, and I just thought she was teething again.  I packed some Advil, just in case.

About 30 minutes down the road, it became apparent that Cece had developed a nasty cold.  She was pretty miserable on the trip, with a constant runny nose, bright red cheeks, and general ickiness.  She did pretty well, and still played hard.  I think it created more stress for me as I worried about her being in these new environments, then it did for her.

Tammy graciously came along on the trip, and her help was invaluable.  I was worried about entertaining three girls by myself as we watched hours of basketball.  Mostly I was worried about taking potty breaks.  With Cece sick and wanting extra loves from Mama, Tammy's help was especially needed.  She basically took care of Ellie and Lynnie and I took care of Cece.

We stopped for some Chick-fil-a before getting on the road.  I took this picture to text to {R}, because it is totally the life to fall asleep with a french fry gripped in your hands.

and seriously, those lips!

We first went to the tournament so that Greg could get the hotel room key from the guy in charge.  Ellie went in with him while Tammy, Lynnie, Cece and I waited in the van and stretched our legs a little bit.

After checking in to the hotel, we went back to the arena and watched a couple of games.  I say watched loosely.  Greg and Tammy alternately talked with the group of referees we were sitting with and took girls to the restroom or to get snacks.  I tried to keep Cece happy and to get her to take a nap.  After about 90 minutes of walking her around the top of the arena, I gave up and went to sit down by everyone.  Greg grabbed Cece and had her asleep in what seemed like seconds.  She got about a 45 minute nap on his shoulder before he went to dress for his game.

Ellie and Lynnie were so excited to watch Daddy, and cheered for him very loudly and enthusiastically.  It was darling!  He managed to surreptitiously send them a few winks.

After Cece's nap and some milk, she rallied and played pretty well.  She walked up and down this row of seats, threw things over the edge, and managed to be her happy self.  The funniest part is when a basketball team sat down in the row above us.  She started flirting and smiling and waving to the boys.  One nice boy even played peek-a-boo with her for awhile.  I said to them, "this is gonna be trouble if she already knows how to flirt with boys!"  Lynnie also thought those boys were funny because they would randomly sing little snippets of theme songs -- including the theme song to The Little Einsteins.

 I knew Cece would have a hard time sleeping in her port-a-crib, but being sick compounded things.  We finally got her to fall asleep around 11:30 p.m.  Ellie was the last hold out and fell asleep after midnight.  About 2:30, Cece woke up screaming, so I grabbed her and went in the bathroom.  She wasn't hungry so I just rocked her.  I finally got her to sleep after about 45 minutes, and then I waited.  I counted and tried to last 5 more minutes before I tried to lay her down.  She instantly woke up and was inconsolable.  Greg took over, which was nice for me but hard for Cece.  He ended up taking her out of the room and walked down to the hotel's exercise room.  Eventually she went back to sleep and he sat up with her in a chair for awhile.  We knew it would be death to try and put her back in the crib.  Around 5 a.m., he got her to sleep in the bed with us and he managed to get a couple of hours of sleep.  Lynnie woke me up around 6 and then Ellie got up at 7.  It was an adventurous night!

We figure Cece had about 6 hours of sleep, and she usually gets 12.  And she was more sick than the day before.  She was pretty chill laying on the bed next to Lynnie.

The activity the girls most wanted to do was swim in the pool.  After breakfast, Greg took the girls and Tammy went along to hang out and take pictures.  I managed to get Cece to take an hour nap in her crib while I quietly packed everything up.

 Then it was back to the arena for a couple more games.

 Ellie's favorite part of the basketball experience was all of the snacks.

And then it was time to go home.  All of the girls napped for pretty much the entire 2 hour drive.

Lynnie was the last to stay awake, and then the last to wake up.

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