Monday, March 9, 2015

Museum of Natural Curiosity

We got to play with Tayler and her children today at the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  Ellie had the day off school, so it made it perfect to meet them.  They nap in the afternoon, so it is best to play in the morning, which means we get to play when Ellie doesn't have school.

Cece was feeling better, but she was still tired and just content to hang back in the stroller.  She was really mellow the whole time.  We started off in an art room that Ellie had found when her class took a field trip to the museum.

Lynnie was drawing a dolphin while Piper & Ellie played with a spinning wheel and some sand.

. : trying to pedal to create energy to power a lightbulb : .

. : step on the red square : .

. : wind tunnel : .

Before we headed outside to play, Tayler took Ellie and Piper to the bathroom.  Lynnie talked to Hudson and kept him happy, while I kept Cece's stroller moving so she would be happy.

. : Cece never did fall asleep, even though it looks like she is asleep here : .

Such a fun morning!  We love spending time with our birth families.  

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