Friday, March 27, 2015

Violin Recital

The girls had a violin recital on Friday night, and Ellie was very excited to play the Twinkle Variations.  She has been working on Tuka Tuka and Dr. Suzuki for a few months, and then it just clicked and she learned the last 4 variations in 3 days.  At her lesson last week, Grandma told her to play the rhythms on just the A string as a harmony, but Ellie was able to play all of the variations with all of the notes.  I was very proud of her.

Lynnie was going to play her box violin, but at the last second elected to stand next to Daddy while he videotaped Ellie.  My favorite part is how hard Ellie was concentrating.  When Aunt Bobi would play the introduction to the next variation, Ellie would say the name as she was getting ready.

This is how we entertained ourselves for the rest of the time:  Lynnie sat on Daddy's lap, Ellie randomly videotaped or took pictures of all the performances, and Cece pulled toys out of the bag.

We love grandma!  She's a great violin teacher, too.

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