Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 13 - 21

During family prayer after FHE, Cece very cutely folded her arms.  As she was walking across the floor.  And, of course, I very irreverently snuck a picture...

We got a great snowstorm -- the biggest one of the entire winter -- in April.  Cece loved signing "snow" and watching the snow fall.

We had an appointment for our yearly check-in with our financial advisor.  He was half an hour late, but the girls were really good about playing quietly.  I was worried that they had used up all of their good behavior while we were waiting to start, but they were amazing the whole time.  They are so sweet!

Lynnie had an eye appointment, and Grandma was nice enough to come and take Ellie to her music class. Cece came with us, since that was easiest all around.  Lynnie did awesome with the doctor, except for getting nervous when her eyes got dilated.  The girls were fascinated by the bubble machines.  We spent our half an hour waiting for the dilation to take effect watching the bubbles.

Selfies -- the easiest way to entertain Cece lately.  And check out all of her teeth!

Lynnie got to come with us to Cece's sound booth test.  Cece's last three sound booths have showed a consistent level of hearing loss, around 30-50 decibels across the frequencies.  This is really good news with her auditory neuropathy diagnosis.  Good news because it shows that she is truly processing and hearing most of the time (which is what it seems like she is doing).  And motivating to me to continue to be good at consistently wearing her hearing aids.    Lynnie was so sweet as we walked out -- she just grabbed Cece's hand and helped her walk down the ramp.

We didn't have enough time to go home before getting Ellie from school, but too much time to sit in the van.  So we parked and played on the grass for a while.  Cece threw grass around, and Lynnie picked dandelions and pretended to get married.

Best. Day. Ever! for this happy 5 year old.  She got her first pen pal letter from Pyper, all the way from Texas.

Cece has been really good about eating her fruit pouches by herself.  Until today.  Today, it was just a toy.  She even threw the pouch off of the tray, and then signed "no."  At least she knows how to use that word in context!

 Cece is pretty spunky, and can turn her tantrums on and off in a split second.  She was so cutely funny, throwing a big fit because I would not let her play with the remote control.  We have an old one that is her toy, but she never wants that one.  She wants a real one.

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