Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend

We love attending the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Todd & Rachel's house.  This year was the most fun, because Ellie and Lynnie are big enough that they really got it.

. :Jace was a stylish guard : .

. : and they're off! : .

I managed to snag two eggs for Cece in the melee, and she had fun putting them in her basket, and then taking them out, and then putting them back in again.


After the hunt, Rachel took the children in the living room and gave a lesson on the Savior and why we celebrate Easter.

Next up, dinner!  It was a fun night with family and friends.

The Easter Bunny was planning on bringing each girl a picture of her temple, but had a little trouble tracking them down.  Ellie was with me when I found the last print, and was very good about not peeking as I bought it.  So Mom & Dad gave them pictures of their temples (Ellie = Mt Timpanogos; Lynlee = Draper; Cecilia = Jordan River) and the Easter Bunny gave them a Christus statue, a journal, and some candy.

Ellie made Cece a "car seat" and they took a trip together.

. : Cece has discovered how cool the clothes look in the dryer : .

The key to successfully watching General Conference?  Making sure that Daddy is properly accessorized, and then building Legos.

We were so excited that Kiki came to town for Conference and Easter.  Kiki, Ky, and Tammy hung out with us for a while and it was so fun.  Kiki ended up making us dinner, Ky read Ellie bedtime stories for an hour (seriously), and Tammy let Ellie paint her toenails orange (and her toes, and the tissue -- and it took forever to dry, it was so thick).  Ellie and Ky have said for years that they are twins because they are so similar.  Lynnie decided that she and Kiera could be twins, too.

On Sunday morning, I was trying to let Greg sleep in.  That never happens for him on a Sunday morning -- he is usually up at 4:30 a.m. to get ready for his meetings.  But Cece knew her daddy was in there, and she escaped from me.  She climbed up on the bed all by herself (first time!) and sat on his face.

Ky, Tobyn, and Kiki came back on Sunday to hang out with us on Easter.  They helped the girls do lots of puzzles, and we enjoyed a delicious ham dinner.  My mom and Tammy also came to dinner, but I didn't get a picture of them.

This was a wonderful weekend, filled with celebrations of Easter and General Conference.  It was a weekend of renewal and of being strengthened spiritually.

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