Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 30 - April 1

Pyper's last day at school was last Friday, so Ellie thought that meant P would be moving on Saturday.  To our great delight, Pyper's grandma told us they were not moving until Wednesday.  That gave us time for one last playdate.  We were already planning to meet some friends at the aquarium on Monday afternoon, so we double-booked the playdate.

I follow the blog Kilts and Kimchee, which is the adventures of another adoptive family.  My online friend Linda mentioned in one of her posts that they wanted to go to the aquarium one more time before their passes expired.  I sent her an email asking if she wanted to meet in person.  I have never done that before, but I was inspired by friend Katelyn's example (she sent me an email like that about a year ago and it was the best thing ever to meet her in real life!).  It was wonderful to connect with Linda and to meet her darling boys.  I didn't think to take a picture until we were leaving, and my girls had all had it.  This was the best we could get -- and it's awesome because it is real.

I love that Lynnie's preschool teacher is blogging about their preschool adventures this year.  I get to "borrow" pictures from her blog.

On Wednesdays, Cece and I drop Lynnie off at Kindermusik and then have 25 minutes to kill before Ellie is out of school.  She likes to sit on my lap and push buttons.  She entertained herself the whole time with a straw today.

After getting Ellie and then going back to get Lynnie, we went home and got in some violin practicing before meeting Elizabeth and her children for lunch.  Ellie very seriously planned her outfit -- her white temple dress (since she and Davis are engaged) paired with a pink sweater and a blue headband (for punches of color).

After lunch we played with our friends at our house for a few hours.  It is amazing to reconnect in person!  We are glad that Kaysville gets Elizabeth, but I sure miss seeing her more frequently.

As soon as our friends left, we headed to Ellie's school to see a Ballroom Dance Showcase.  Ellie really got into it, dancing along and being fascinated with the show.  Lynnie just was worn out, but managed to be cheerful anyway.

Cece even got brave and walked past a handful of people to see her sisters.  That was impressive!

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