Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break Fun

We have had an epic Spring Break!  It has been the best because we got to play with three of our birth parents.  

First up was a play date with Tayler and her children.  We met at Neptune Park, but the weather shifted within minutes of us getting there, and it was cold and pretty windy.  We quickly abandoned the park and went to Arctic Circle for an indoor playground.  We love Tayler and her family and cherish the time we get to spend together.  She is a busy mom and we manage to stay pretty busy, but it is always special when we have a few hours to play.

. : Cece was fascinated by Hudson : .

I cashed a Mommy Paycheck during Spring Break.  Ellie and Lynnie were playing so happily together, and then Ellie gave Lynnie a big hug.  She said, "Mom, I'm so glad we are sisters!  We don't know what we would do without each other."

Our next birth parent visit was with Albert and Kanisha.  We met them at Discovery Park and had a great time playing for a couple of hours.  Kind Albert pushed Lynnie on a swing for at least 20 minutes.  She would have happily done that the whole time, but we suggested trying out some other things and she obliged us.

I love how much these two look alike!

Cece likes to take her time, assess the situation, and determine whether it is acceptable to leave mama's arms.  After about an hour, she decided it was time to go exploring.

I love Ellie's kind heart.  This little girl got a little shaky on this wobbly board, and Ellie immediately steadied her and asked if she was OK.

. : more playing by Cece : .

We finished up on the swings again, this time the baby swings.  Ellie tried them for a minute, but she is just too big. Cece had no interest in the swings whatsoever.

After the park, we met Daddy at the Pizza Factory and all had dinner together.  Albert had a surprise present for Lynnie, this pretty dress.  Lynnie could not wait to put it on!  She looked so cute.

On Saturday, it was time to have a play date with {R}.  Cece likes to help me scrunch her hair.

We met {R} at the fire station park, and it was fun to watch Ellie and Lynnie play.  Cece warmed up to {R} more quickly this visit, and that made me very happy.  We were joking at the end that Cece will play with {R} now, so the next step is to work on getting Cece to give her loves.

Cece hijacked {R}s phone almost immediately.  She loves to push the button to get Siri to talk.  She will babble back to her.  One of my favorite moments was hearing Siri say, "OK, I will play all music by Tupac."  I don't know how Siri got that command from Cece's babbling, but it was pretty funny.

 We sure love {R}!

{R} sent us home with this very thoughtful gift.  She wrote special letters to Cece and put them in this cute zebra box.  I was trying to read them out loud to Greg and the girls while we were driving, but they were so sweet and I was so touched that I was completely choked up and could not continue.

Cece and I came home after Sacrament Meeting on Sunday because I was not feeling well.  I wanted to get some pictures to {R}, so I got the pictures off of the camera and did a quick run-through to delete the obviously bad ones.  Cece sat on my lap the whole time, talking to the screen, waving at {R}, and pointing at {R}.  She even blew kisses!  It was the cutest thing.

So that was our Spring Break.  It was pretty amazing!

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