Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 24 - 25

Cece and I went out to check on them as they rode bikes and scooters outside.  I just grabbed Lynnie's coat off the rack and bundled Cece up.  It was starting to get cold!

We love to have family dates, and on Saturday we went out to breakfast at One Man Band.  The big girls got a pancake for breakfast, with chocolate chips for eyes, a lollipop for a nose, and a piece of bacon for a smile.  Ellie had just had a donut, and we are working really hard to not eat much sugar since she is allergic to it.  So she shared her lollipop with Cece.

While we were waiting for Cece to finish her lollipop, Ellie and Greg played a rousing game of rock, paper, scissors.

After a quick change at home, it was off to Ellie's Let's Play Music recital.  I have been very happy with this program, and proud of everything Ellie has learned.  I love the philosophy of actually playing with music, and it is structured so well that there is a tremendous amount of learning taking place.  I am so glad that my neighbor decided to start teaching LPM, as I had never heard of it before.

Ellie was nervous before it started, but she quickly got into the swing of things and performed beautifully. These are her friends Juni and Ryker.

. : selfie by Ellie : .

Miss Sheryl had the group photo taken before the recital started.  So funny that you see all of the parents taking the picture in the mirror.

My sister the music teacher has been telling me for years how beneficial solfege is, and now I see what she means.  They learned solfege on most of the songs, and the kids picked it up so quickly.

We love Miss Sheryl!

Grandma Camp came to watch and show her support.  Thanks, Grandma!

At the end of our fun-filled day, we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa Spencer's house.  Tammy always puts on Aladdin for them to watch.

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Linder said...

Love all the updates :) And, seriously small world but I think Cheryl's parents live next door to me! I think she grew up in my neighborhood :)


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