Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dinosaur Museum

Ellie is doing really well with her NAET treatments.  Her treatment yesterday was for Sugar, and so for 25 hours she cannot eat or touch sugar.  Her diet is limited to meat, vegetables, and plain pasta.   That's a tough one for Ellie since she has a hard time with vegetables, but luckily she is a good sport and was willing to have plain noodles for breakfast.  Dr Kofford told me (out of Ellie's hearing) that she probably would not feel physically sick with this treatment, but that she would probably experience dramatic mood swings.

And, as always, he was right!

I knew that we needed a distraction after school to get through those last few hours, so we decided to go to the Dinosaur Museum.  Lynnie suggested we call and invite Grandma Camp, and our plan was set.

Grandma had never been to this museum, so the girls very carefully showed her all of their favorite things.  This includes the "dead dolphin."

We found a Camptosaurus and had to take pictures.

 Ellie is making a turtle face.

Ack!  Don't eat me!

We were the only ones in both of the sand places, which meant that Lynnie happily played.  She usually doesn't like to compete with the other children.

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