Friday, May 1, 2015

Kylene's College Graduation

We were so, so excited to drive to Cedar City and spend the day celebrating Kylene and her achievement of graduating with a bachelor's degree in accounting.  She finished in December and has been working full-time with an accounting firm downtown, but walked with her class.  Greg had a big deadline for work, but managed to get it done late Thursday night (albeit with one wrinkle that Paul was able to handle on our drive down that morning).

We got up and headed out.  We figured out that the back seats could recline quite far, and the big girls loved just laying back and relaxing the whole drive.  We put Cece behind me so that Greg could move his seat all the way back, and then everyone had room.  We really love our van!

The big girls had packed their backpacks full of toys and books.  Ellie immediately read her book out loud.

We got to Cedar around 11 and got ready for the graduation at noon.  After finding our group, we got seats and settled in to wait.  I pulled out the telephoto lens, which has only been used at graduations (ha!) and got some good shots of Kylene walking in.

I was not paying enough attention, because I figured we had a long time to wait since Ky was on one of the back rows.  But they went back to front.  I heard her name called and frantically got the camera up to get this fabulous shot:

Playing with sister was the best part of the ceremony!

Lynnie abandoned us to play with Uncle Kyle, and...

...Tobyn, of course!

After the ceremony we headed out for pictures.  There did not seem to be a perfect spot, so we just found a tree so we could be in the shade.

Lynnie wanted in on that kissing action!

We had fun reenacting Ellie stealing something from Kylene.  At Kylene's seminary graduation, Ellie stole her diploma, and Ellie wore her cap during the cap & gown photo shoot.


Ellie once again stole Ky's cap and thought that was quite hilarious.

Then Ellie had the idea to get dressed up in Ky's entire outfit.  She asked if she could wear it when she graduates from college.  Kylene said yes.

We went to a park and ate take out from Dickey's afterwards.  It was surprisingly cool, and we tried to keep Cece wrapped up.  I love how she is snuggling Greg while holding a bbq chip.

Then it was time to go swimming in the hotel pool.  Cece was modeling her new cheetah swimsuit.

Lynnie is not a big fan of the water, but she was OK as long as someone was holding her and talking to her.

Ellie is a total fish and was jumping in the pool and swimming around the whole time.

The highlight for Ellie was when Tobyn was stunting her.  They must have done this 30 times.  At least.


After baths in Kyle and Jonette's hotel room, we loaded up in the van and headed home.  The girls fell asleep almost immediately and slept the whole drive.  We got them transferred to their beds and had everything unloaded and unpacked by 11 p.m.  What a fantastic day!

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