Friday, May 8, 2015

May 6 - 8

Lynnie was very excited to find the doll that was wearing the outfit that matches Cece's outfit.  This cute set was given to us by Mom Julie for Ellie's 2nd birthday.  Ellie didn't wear it until that winter.  And Cece is 15 months old.  Love it!

Cece did great at her well child check today.  I am still never quite sure if/when she is processing things and hearing things, but the good news is that she can say 10 words, and that is above the developmental milestone of 4 words (at 15 months). She has to hear the words to be able to mimic them.

. : hiding while we wait for the doctor : .

It's way more fun to eat a snack with your friend outside on a picnic blanket.

Cece was pretty proud of herself for crawling in the fort Ellie and Hope created, and for eating her own snack.

Playing with Daddy is the best!

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