Sunday, May 10, 2015

Violin Recital and Mother's Day

Saturday night was the Solo Recital for violin. Ellie got to pick her three favorite Twinkle variations, and she picked Butterfly, Very Tiny, and Dr Suzuki.  She even wore a butterfly necklace to coordinate.  I was proud of her for hopping right up when it was her turn and playing confidently.

. : talking to Aunt Bobi while Grandma tunes her violin : .

Cece loves to play this game where she puts her blanket in your mouth and then pulls it back out.

The 7 p.m. start time for the recital turned out to be too much for Cece and Daddy.

Mother's Day was a wonderful day, made special for me by Greg and the girls.  All of Greg's meetings were cancelled that day, and it was a treat to have him home with us.  They made me a delicious breakfast in bed.  And, since it would be no fun to eat by myself, Ellie and Lynnie ate with me.  While we were eating, Lynnie coughed which made her choke and then gag and then throw up.  I got her in the tub and took the blankets to the washing machine.  When I got back, I found this:

Lynnie said that Cece just climbed in the tub.  That baby is so tall, she just put her leg over the edge and got right in.  I started to get Cece undressed so she could enjoy the bath with Lulu, and then was surprised by this ball of energy climbing in.  In her swimsuit!

After getting ready, we headed to church.  Because of the violin recital the night before, we had gotten the girls to bed very late, and Lynnie was having a hard time.  She almost fell asleep leaning against Brinn in Sacrament Meeting, and then didn't want to go to Primary.  She decided it would be OK, and went and sat on Sister Meiners' lap.  Approximately 2 minutes later, she fell asleep.  Sister Meiners laid her on the floor during class time, and she slept the whole time.  She even slept for about half an hour after church as I carried her around and we visited with friends.

Cece also enjoyed another nap on Daddy's shoulder during the last hour of church.

Definitely a memorable Mother's Day!

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