Saturday, May 30, 2015

Walk With Angels

This is the third year we have been able to go to the Walk With Angels, with a Signing Time concert.  This year, Kylene, Tobyn, and {R} were nice enough to come with us.  The girls and I got there first, staked out a spot for our chairs and blanket, and then went right to the bounce houses to play.

A highlight for Lynnie was finding some of the characters.  We found the Chick-fil-a cow, and...

...Elsa, and...


Then we found Ky and Tobyn and headed back to the bounce houses.  Tobyn helped Lynnie be brave and took her up and down a few times. 

Ellie mastered the jump, bounce, and fly technique. 

 Next up was some face painting.  How cool to get Elsa swirls, painted by Elsa herself!

{R} caught up to us while we were at the face painting, and Cece played with her a little bit.

Carnival games were also a hit, especially since we skipped the "walk" part of the Walk with Angels.  We were pretty much the only ones there since most people were lining up for the walk.


Ellie even convinced Lynnie to try Sumo wrestling.  

 Lynnie couldn't move the costume, so nice Tobyn lifted her into the ring.

We walked back over to our spot to get our lunch and get ready for the concert.

It took a long time to read off the raffle winners, so we jumped at the chance to meet Rachel for a minute.  Ellie and Lynnie excitedly told Rachel that Cece loves to watch Baby Signing Time and will sign "baby time."  Rachel said that's pretty normal.  And Cece just seemed confused to see Rachel in real life.

The last thing before the concert started was throwing out stuffed animal prizes.  Ellie got one last year, and Lynnie convinced Tobyn to take her over to try for one this year.  I was just telling Ky and {R} that I hoped he didn't get one, because Ellie's is big and bulky and there is no good place to store it, plus she doesn't really use it, when -- lo and behold -- Tobyn caught one.  Lynnie was over the moon excited that now she has one, too. 

And then, finally, it was time for the Signing Time concert!  I get way more excited about this than the girls do.

Ellie stayed up front for about half of the concert, singing and signing along.

Cece finally gave in and fell asleep about halfway through.

Ellie did a good job of getting a picture with Cece sleeping, and Rachel in the background.

The only disappointment this year was that Ellie did not get on stage.  She got picked last year, and the year before.  Oh, well!  It was still a very fun day.

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