Monday, June 15, 2015

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Grandma and Grandpa Spencer are celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 15.  We were excited that we {finally} got a chance to have Kyle, Jonette, and Macy stay with us.  Really, Ellie was excited.  She had just hurt her foot and was sad about that...

Cece quickly warmed up to Macy and loved following her around.

This good looking crew had a fun time golfing Monday morning.

This is the only picture I took at the 50th Wedding Anniversary Party.  The fabulous Emily Thornton was there taking real pictures, and I am excited to see those in the next few weeks.  

The party was fabulous!  All 10 children were there and all of the grandchildren except for Clay who is serving a mission.  Tammy organized the party and she did an amazing job!  It was a wonderful walk down memory lane, with friends representing many phases of their lives present.  Aunt Margaret even came in as a surprise.  It was a great night.

The next morning we had to say good-bye to Kaysen, Kyle and Jonette.  Until next time!

back row: Virgil, Ed (grandpa's brother), Dan (nephew), Dave (brother-in-law)
front row: Margaret (sister), Cheryl (Ed's wife), Tamara

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