Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 2 - 4

I think with summer upon us, I thought we would have all of this time for adventures and classes.  And I may have signed us up for too many things...

On Tuesday morning, we started our summer dance class.  Miss Brandi was substituting, and the girls had so much fun with her.

Cece and I had fun in the hallway.  Cece loves to color, and especially loves to take all of the crayons out of the bag, and then put them back in again.

Tuesday afternoon we had our very first gymnastics class at Arete Gymnastics.  The girls did awesome and had a lot of fun.

Cece loves to be wherever her big sisters are.

On Wednesday, Lynnie had a fun birthday party to go to at Kangaroo Zoo.  Mia is now 4!  Kind Sister Gardiner also invited Ellie along to play with Hannah.  Lynnie warmed up fairly quickly and decided that she like the octopus slide.

. : love Lynnie's face in this picture : . 

Cece likes to take her sisters' headbands and wear them for just a few minutes.

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