Friday, June 5, 2015

Lyssa's Graduation

The girls and I got to drive up to the Huntsman Center on the U campus to celebrate Lyssa as she graduated from Cyprus High School.    I clearly do not know all of the tricks, because it took us about 45 minutes to go one block as we were trying to get into the Institute parking lot.  The saddest thing for me was watching the crowds of people coming out from the graduation before Lyssa's, who blatantly ignored the policemen trying to direct traffic.  Once we got in the parking lot, it was a complete standstill.  There were plenty of empty spaces, but cars would not move out of the way.  Too many people trying to turn left, and they would sit for minutes waiting for a break in the oncoming traffic, rather than turning right and going around the block.  It was crazy.

We gave ourselves almost 2 hours to get to the graduation and we were late.

Oh, well.

We got to see Lyssa sing with her choir, and I got to use the telephoto lens.

. : Lyssa's brief moment to shine : .

Ellie entertained herself by playing with Adam, Lauren, and Lauren's little sister.

. : the proud parents discussing something very important : .

. : proud grandma : .

. : Lynnie and Cece played with each other : .

. : Ellie loves to "steal" graduation caps : .

We had more of an adventure getting home.  2 hours to get out of our parking lot (dang people trying to turn left!), which put us solidly in the middle of Friday afternoon 5:00 traffic.  Cece screamed for all of about 8 minutes of our 3 hour adventure.  For those blessed 8 minutes, she was asleep.  Until grumpy Lynnie shouted at Ellie, which woke Cece up and started the screaming all over again.

Good thing we love Lyssa so much!  The day was worth the adventure.

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