Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Camp Family Reunion, Day 2

Tuesday was our only full day at the ranch, and we packed it full of activities.  All of our meals were included, and there was a great selection in our dining hall.  Someone always went early and saved a group of tables.

I loved saving pictures from Facebook that various people posted.  Here are Jared, Uncle John, Jen, and Aunt Cheryl.

Ellie and Gwen played a lot and had a great time together.

Cute Lu wanted her sweatshirt on backwards.

Pops and three of the grandchildren.

Gotta love selfies with Aunt Amy!

There was a shortcut from our lodge to the dining hall, with a fairly steep stretch.  It never looks as steep in a picture, does it.  Ellie and Lynnie loved that they could conquer it.

After breakfast it was time for what turned out to be everyone's favorite activity -- TUBING.

Ellie and Lynnie were both nervous to try, and Lu decided she wanted to go first.

One time was enough for her.

Next up:  Ellie and Daddy.

Ellie loved it so much, she couldn't wait to do it again, and got in as many rides as she could in the hour we were there.

Jami and Aunt Gail

Robyn and Kevin

Then it was my turn with Ellie.  Once was enough for me, too.


 Jen and Aunt Gail

Ellie went with Pops twice.

Jared and Gina

Robyn and Kevin

Such a gorgeous view.

Lu was sad about something, and I can't remember now why that was.

Daddy snuggles always make it better!

Pops and Gwen

Robyn and Pat

The 4 from the "original" generation represented at the reunion:  Aunt Cheryl, Aunt Sharon, Pops, and Aunt Gail.

Pops and 4 of the 5 Camp siblings:
Amy, Heather, Jon, and Robyn

and I just noticed we are in age order -- that was a happy accident

Jared and Gina took lots of pictures and shared them.  Here are some from their camera.

Emma and Sara

Nate and Chad

Aria, Dan, and Meilee

Dan, Aimee, Aria, Meilee, and India

Allie, Taylor, Jaida, Drew, David, and Reagan

After tubing, we went to the bug class.  We had a fun hike to the stream, and Cece loved being on Greg's shoulders.  I don't think Greg enjoyed it quite as much.

The bug class consisted of wading in the stream and looking for bugs.  The girls didn't find any, but they had fun wading in the stream.

Ellie slipped and then liked washing off the mud.

I had fun talking with Gina while our kids explored.

Chewing weeds so we can be like farmers ;)

After lunch and a nap for Cece, we swam in the pool and then got ready for family pictures.  After dinner, we met in a conference room to share memories of Grandma Camp (Chloe Blanche Benson Camp).  Aunt Gail, Aunt Cheryl, Aunt Sharon, and Pops all shared some memories.  It went a little long, and it was a little late, and most of the little children fell asleep, including Ellie.  

Cece slept on Greg's shoulder for a while, and after she woke up, she sat with me.  I was sitting by Camber, who had been trying to get Cece to smile at her all day.  Camber very patiently played with her during the meeting, and then had success.  Camber is the only one who got Cece to come to her the whole reunion.

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