Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Camp Family Reunion, Pictures and Day 3

My nice cousin Jared and his wife Gina were the unofficial photographers of the Camp Family Reunion.  Jared posted the pictures online, and shared them with everyone.

It's just SO BRIGHT! 

And Puppy has to be in our picture because she is a member of our family.

And Cece is probably signing "bug" and not picking her nose.  Promise.

We love taking pictures.  Just not right now.

Oh, I'm happy now that Aunt Amy is holding me!  And Nana gets the honor of holding Puppy.

I love my family.

I especially love my family taking silly pictures!  Lynnie is hiding in my shirt.  That was totally her idea.

The Camps

Robyn and Kevin

Jen, Abby, and Nate

Aimee, Dan, Meilee, Aria, and India

The Evans

Allie, Drew, Taylor, David, Reagan, and Jaida

Teri, Gwen, and Jon

Chad, Camber, and Jami

The Prestwiches

The Camp Siblings

The Camp Siblings + Spouses

John and Cheryl

The Forsbergs

Sara, Jared, Gina, Nate, and Emma

Pat and Steve


Our final breakfast, and Ellie was very seriously telling Uncle Kevin all about the world

Amy and Jared

Camber helped with the girls while we were loading the van -- more photographic evidence that she was Cece's friend!

I loved how Cece was holding her bottom lip on the drive home.

We stopped at McDonald's for a quick lunch on the way home, and the girls had so much fun playing we stayed for over an hour.

This was a wonderful, albeit short, reunion!  We had a great time reconnecting with our extended family.

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