Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cecilia is 18 Months Old

So many cute pictures this month!  I couldn't narrow it down any farther :)

At 18 months of age, Cece

~ is wearing 2T clothes, size 4 shoes, size 4 diapers
~ loves to give "high 5s"
~ is very expressive at expressing her wants and desires
~ loves to run, especially if she is running after her sisters
~ likes to play with baby dolls.  She will put them on her shoulder, pat their backs, and rock back & forth.
~ is good about going to bed.  When it is time, she drinks milk & snuggles, signs "sleep," and then waves bye-bye and blows kisses as you walk her to her bed.
~ eats a variety of foods and is good about trying new things.  Her favorites right now are green smoothies, grapes, mandarin oranges, oatmeal, and cheese.
~ signs like crazy.  She likes to sign "cry" when someone else is having a meltdown.  Bird and Bug are two of her favorites.
~ watches Baby Signing Time with me almost every day and excitedly signs everything.  We like to watch at 6 a.m. while everyone else is still sleeping.  Sometimes she will let me doze, but most often she pulls my face so I am looking at her and can see her do the sign.
~ is still cautious of other people outside of our family, but is starting to realize that most people are nice
~ is a joy and a delight! Ellie said it perfectly the other day when she said, "I'm so glad Cece is in our family!  I love being her sister.  She is so cute!"

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