Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 13 - 18

 We met some adoption friends (Melanee and Caitlin) at the Provo pool for an afternoon of fun.  We got to meet Melanee's brand new baby, and that was so fun.  The girls did awesome in the outside kiddie pool.

And can I just say that I adore this swimsuit of Cece's that has snaps in the bottom?  Why don't all kids one-piece swimsuits come this way?  I dress her at home and leave her regular diaper on, and when we get to the water it is so simple to swap out for her swim diapers.

Lynnie mastered the jump-up-and-push-yourself-up skill.  I was proud of her.

Ellie loves her friends, and she especially loves going to birthday parties.  Rachel hosted a puppy party, and her kind mom sent me some fantastic pictures of the event.

Ellie is doing great with her NAET treatments, even when it is hard.  Her treatment this week was for Acid, which was the allergen that had the highest reaction from her.  The foods on this list were the only ones she could eat for 25 hours.  So basically she ate potatoes, raisins, and fruit leathers.  She was very sad that she could not eat meat.

After violin lessons, we went to the aquarium with Grandma and Amy and had a wonderful time.  In all of our visits, we have never availed ourselves of the opportunity for a photo in the giant jaw.  We rectified that this time.

Cece loved seeing all of the fish and would excitedly sign "fish" every time.

Don't eat me!

. : playground fun : .

At the playground this time they had a bunch of hats.  Lynnie loved pretending to be a crocodile.

On hair cut day, Lynnie took a gazillion selfies while she was waiting for her turn.

Cece loves to eat oatmeal with Ellie.  Luckily, Ellie does not mind sharing a few bites every morning.

Stealing Ellie's hat at Costco is pretty funny!

It was a special day to celebrate with Danielle and Mike.  Steph is a BCL and Dani is her 2nd daughter.  We have all watched her grow up, and attended her wedding to Mike a couple of years ago, which they asked Greg to officiate.  Now we got to go with them to the temple and witness them making eternal covenants with each other as they were sealed.

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