Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 19 - 21

For Pioneer Day, the Primary leaders dressed up in pioneer clothes and did some pioneer activities.  Sister Bullock was kind enough to send me this picture.  Ellie put her foot in ice water, to simulate crossing the rivers in the cold.

Cece had her first nursery experience and did pretty well.  Greg had her look in the window and she pointed like she wanted to go in, so he took her in.  After about 15 minutes he was able to slip out, and I actually went to Relief Society.  About 10 minutes before the end of church, I heard a familiar cry and slipped out in the hallway.  The nursery leader was bringing Cece to me because she was done.  But a successful first try!

We love hanging out at the park.  We went to the grocery store, and then on the way home the girls were asking.  So we stopped for 15 minutes at "Miss Leda's park" {the park by her house} and had a great time.  There was milk in the van so we couldn't stay longer, and it was hardest to get Cece to be done.  She figured out how to slide all by herself and was having a fantastic time.

Cece loves to take drinks at the water fountain while Ellie and Lynnie are in dance class.

Cece's 18 month well child check was a success.  She is growing and developing normally.  Her hearing aids didn't last long after she was dressed down.  The strap was hanging loose in the back and she didn't like that.

But I don't want to stand here all by myself to get weighed when my mama is right there...

Ellie loves her friend Megan at gymnastics.

Cece had already eaten her breakfast of oranges and cheese.  Lynlee wanted toast and raspberries.  Cece climbed up on the bench and helped herself to one of Lynnie's pieces of toast.  Good thing Lynnie doesn't mind sharing!

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