Friday, July 31, 2015

July 27 - 31

Lynlee's favorite movie right now is Saturday's Warrior.  She listens to the soundtrack and watches the movie as often as I will let her.  Her favorite songs are the "bad guy" songs (e.g., Zero Population, The Summer of Fair Weather, and Brace Me Up) and she will listen to those over and over again.  She gave us an impromptu concert while I was cleaning the bathroom.

We spent a fun couple of hours at the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  I was brave and didn't bring in the diaper bag.  We stayed until Lynnie and Cece were ready for milk and then we went to the van to drink it on the way home.

After dance class, Ellie changed into an outfit she packed in her purse, and we walked across the street to the library.  It was a puppet show day, and we saw a little bit of that before checking out books and heading outside.  We always have to visit the Tarzan statue.

Lynlee is in the preschool class at Arete, and they start out in this little gym.  She was super lucky that her teacher was training another girl, and she was the only one in her class who showed up that day.  She got lots of practice in and her skills improved dramatically in that one session.  It was amazing!

Ellie was making a nest in the corner, and Cece just walked right up to her and plopped on her lap.  Then Cece pretended to blow her nose.  Apparently I am really loud when I blow my nose, and Cece can hear it.  She is pretty funny making all sorts of noises when she is mimicing that!

Ellie has another new sister!  See, since Hailey is her sister, then Nick and Bryson are her brothers.  And since Bryson got married, now Courtney is her sister, too!  {Isn't she lucky?}

. : matching Hello Kitty nightgowns : .

 Fun times at group lesson -- doing the Twinkle Circle.

. : dancing to Saturday's Warrior -- a bad guy song, of course : .

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