Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 27 - July 1

For our Saturday family adventure, we decided to go to the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  Cece loves when Greg drives, because he puts his seat back and she can put her feet up.

Ellie and Lu loved helping Cece on the slide in the baby playground.

Lynnie wanted to go on the rope bridges, and then needed some coaxing.  Eventually she walked across by herself.  It was a big success!

We are striving to be more worshipful and deliberate on the Sabbath Day.  We watched Saturday's Warrior together for the first time, and it was a hit.  The girls stayed up way too late to finish watching it, and even Lynnie stayed awake the whole time.  It was amazing to me that both Greg and I could still sing every song, even though it has been years since we have watched the movie or listened to the soundtrack.

Sometimes the best times are spent at home.  We were playing in Ellie and Lynnie's room, and Cece kept on bringing me clothes to put on.  She found two of Ellie's shirts, a pair of Lynnie's shorts, and a pair of dance shoes.  Ellie took lots of pictures.

Cece is hilarious with violin right now.  She will push her big sisters off of the foot chart so she can stand on it herself.  She waves her arm and sings for Tuka Tuka.

Quick change at Grandma's house so we could head straight to Cece's swimming class.

Cece always seems to spot the birds and the bugs, and will sign those words excitedly.  Our waterfall in the backyard is a magnet for bird, and we spend a lot of time watching them.

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