Thursday, July 2, 2015

Swim Lessons

We spent two weeks doing swimming lessons, and in a lot of ways, it felt like that is all we did.  The first week was fun because Lynnie's friend Hudson was in their class, and I got to sit next to Kristina and chat during class.

Ellie was excited to show off her skills, and Lynnie was more cautious.  I was very impressed at her teachers, because they were unfailingly patient and kind.  They encouraged her to keep trying and were willing to accommodate her fears.  They still had her doing every task, but in a way that she could be comfortable with -- or get comfortable with quickly.

. : death grip : .

. : chicken-airplane-soldier : .

. : eyeballs in : .

. : practicing ice cream scoop hands : .

. : always staying in the shallow end : .

The Jan Lamb Swim School offered a Parent & Tot class this year, so I signed up.  Cece was pretty cautious the first day, but warmed up each time we went.  By our last day, she was holding on to just my arm and letting me tow her through the water with her body extended.  Her favorite thing to do was to hold ping pong balls in each hand, throw the ball, and then reach out to grab them. It was a good introduction to the water for her.

Last day of classes!  It's been a fun two weeks.

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