Friday, July 3, 2015

Swimming at Ky's Pool

Greg and Tammy golfed early Friday morning, and then Greg was planning on going into work for a few hours, even though it was a holiday.  Tammy convinced him to go swimming with all of us instead, so we headed up to Ky's pool.

Cece was happy to sit with Tammy, and didn't want anything to do with anyone else for over an hour -- didn't even want Greg.

Ellie is at that scary stage where her confidence level is much higher than her skill level.  She had a great time swimming and improving her skills.  Lynnie also did awesome, because she spent almost the whole time in her "yellow tutu."  I love that she came up with that name for her floatie.

Ky won Cece over and was able to play with her for a while.  I love their matching skin --such pretty shades of brown.

"Lynnie, what are you doing?"

"Just chillin' in the pool!"

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