Friday, August 28, 2015

New Bunk Beds

We have been talking about getting the big girls bunk beds for a over a year, and I had compiled quite a wish list on amazon of possibilities.  I wanted white, twin over full, with steps instead of a ladder.  When I found this set by Bella Esprit, I knew I had the perfect one -- and it even had under the bed drawers, which was an added bonus.  When we got serious about buying, it wasn't available on amazon any more.  We found a furniture store that could order it for us out of the catalog, and their price was better than amazon.  They said it usually took 10 days to two weeks to come in.  A win win! 

Until a couple days later, when they called Greg and said the beds were back ordered from the manufacturer.  If we wanted espresso finish, we could get that right away.  We were willing to wait for white.  

A few weeks later, Greg called to check and they said a shipment had been made from the manufacturer, but there was a strike on the docks in LA and it couldn't make it into port.  Or something.

A couple of weeks later, we found out that we were far enough down the list that there was no bed coming for us, and we had to wait for more to come in from the Asian plant.

And finally, finally, we heard that our bed was on a boat somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, coming our way.

And another month later, we got the delivery scheduled for Friday around 3 p.m.

We ordered the bunk beds in April.

I got their room completely cleaned out and ready to go.  We had about 7 little girls playing all afternoon, and still no beds.

Greg came home and brought us dinner from the Pizza Factory, and still no beds.

The beds made it around 6:00 p.m., and we immediately got to work on building them.

Ellie got all suited up.  Safety first! 

We had three big boxes of pieces.  I wish I had done a better job getting pictures of the chaos, with things spread all over the room, and trying to keep all of the screws and bolts organized.

We had picked up their mattresses months before, and the girls were sleeping on the full mattress on the floor, with the others stacked against the wall.  It was amazing how much bigger their room felt just by moving those mattresses out of the way.

As we were unpacking the pieces, Ellie said, "look, there's a footprint!"  Luckily, it washed right off.

The next 5 photos were taken by Lu.

. : a small glimpse of the chaos : .

We vacuumed a little obsessively all night.  Greg joked that we will have to sell the bunk bed with the house if we ever move, because it is never coming out of that room.  I guess we can never get new carpet, either!  

By this point, we had put Cece to bed.  Ellie and Lynnie were good helpers all night, using the Allen wrenches and being in charge of handing Daddy the screws/nails/bolts.  I read the instructions and kept everything organized.

The home stretch!  The bed part is done, the book shelf was moved by the window, and the girls happily watched a video on the iPad while we built the stairs.  The stairs took longer than the beds.

. : almost done : .

And it's all done -- and by 10 p.m.!  Not too shabby.  The most serendipitous part of these beds are the cubbies.  I thought from the pictures that they would be drawers in the stairs, but it is just three giant cubbies (the bottom step is a false front).  

Ready for bed!  Night night :)

UPDATE: In the weeks since the beds came home, the girls have been sleeping better than ever.  They have shared a bed ever since Lu graduated from her crib.  Lu sleeps really hot and always kicks the covers off, but then gets cold and will roll on top of Ellie for warmth.  Ellie was always complaining that she was cold (no covers!) and that Lu slept on her face.  Now that Ellie is up high, the temperature is warmer, and she has about 10 blankets on her bed.  Lu has one quilt and kicks it off, and sleeps sideways -- and it does not matter.  We put their pajamas in the drawers under the bed, and put baskets in the top two cubbies to organize more clothes (that used to be on their closet shelves and were a constant mess).  We left the biggest cubby open so Lu can continue to hide in it.  Their closet has stayed organized and everything is working great.  They love to read books on their beds and they play in their room more than ever.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Uh Oh!

I had escaped to the bathroom and was taking a 10 minute reading break.  Cece was playing right by me, and she would come and show me something and then go back out.  She likes to rummage through the drawers and comb her hair or pretend to put on lotion.  

Then she came and handed me a tube of mascara and signed COME.  Immediately, we went to survey the damage.  The mascara was still wet and wiped up easily, which was awesome.  And Cece was a great helper and wiped down the tub.

Fast forward a couple of hours, and we picked Ellie up from school.  Lynnie had packed a purse with lipstick and hand sanitizer, among other items.  Those are two of Cece's favorite things.  I gave the big girls the speech about making sure the purse was zipped and keeping it up high.  Ellie brought the purse back in the house and left it, (unbeknownst to me) unzipped, on the kitchen floor.  

I was talking with Ellie in my room about her day at school and kept on having the feeling that I should check on Cece.  Usually Cece follows us pretty closely.  I ignored that prompting...  

After a few minutes, Cece came in the bedroom, signed STOP, NO, COME and took off running.  We followed and found some lovely art work on the garage door, the bathroom door, the bathroom walls, the bathroom cabinets, and the kitchen desk cabinets.

We got to work cleaning, and I was proud of the big girls for immediately jumping in because they had left the lipstick out.  Luckily, that red lipstick cleaned right up.  It was a fun day of exploration!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

August 22 - 25

The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time working in the backyard and the garden.  Ellie and Lynnie abandoned us pretty early on to play, but Cece was a great helper!  I would pick the beans, snap them, and hand them off, and Cece would throw them in the bowl.  She helped me pick the whole bean patch.

We spent some time at the park today, and had a great time.  Lynnie loves Bandwagon Park because there is a stage there.  She performed all of the Saturday's Warrior songs for me, complete with choreography.

"I'm hot!  Can we go home now?"

Our house through the eyes of a 4 year old:

Friday, August 21, 2015

Cecilia is 19 Months Old

Lynnie Lu wanted her picture taken with a sticker as well.

At 19 months of age, Cece

~ wears 2T clothes, size 5 diapers, size 5 shoes
~ has learned how to take off her pajamas and likes to demonstrate this skill
~ loves to get into everything messy, like lipstick, hand sanitizer, vaseline, shampoo, and soap.
~ prefers to drink her milk by herself.  She will rarely let me snuggle her while she drinks.
~ has worn most of the corners of her blankets out.  She loves to rub the corners to soothe herself.
~ loves to run, especially on her tiptoes.  She has the cutest pitter-patter as she runs on the hardwood floor.
~ is obsessed with socks, and always wants to be wearing some.  She will sign "socks" emphatically while getting dressed.
~ is such a mimic, especially of routine actions.  She likes to help me get ready in the morning.  We brush our teeth together, and put on lotion together.  The funniest mimic action was when she tried to comb her hair, then pulled on the comb and walked over to the garbage can and shook her fingers.  She has noticed how I clean the comb out every morning and throw away the loose hairs.
~ does not speak very often any more.  The only word she consistently says now is "mama."  She signs more every day, and is starting to tease me.  She has always been good about signing "sleep" when she is tired and ready for her bed.  Now she will look at me, sign "awake" and then laugh!  She knows she is being funny.
~ is warming up to nursery -- a little bit!
~ is such a wonderful little person!  We are so lucky to be in her life.


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