Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1st Day of School Photo Shoot

We did the first day of school photo shoot a day early, because I didn't want to feel extra pressure on the first day of school.  

Lynlee is participating in the UPSTART preschool this year, an online preschool through the state of Utah.  UPSTART stands for Utah Preparing Students something something Tomorrow. (I totally don't remember and I can't find the acronym explained on the website -- it was briefly mentioned at the parent training).  She and I get to do preschool together on the computer, and it is fun!  Lynnie always complains right before we start but then likes to play the games.  The program requires 15 minutes a day but recommends 20+.  I set the timer on my phone for 22 minutes and will incrementally increase until we get to 30.

Lynlee has been doing UPSTART for 3 weeks already, but was still excited to take "first day of preschool" pictures.  She drew her own chalkboard also, and makes the best faces! 

Can we be done now?

Ellie is beyond excited to be in 1st grade this year, except when she is feeling nervous.  She has alternated between being scared and being excited for the past week, and it has made for an emotional week.  

Ellie is Ms. Fox' class, along with her two best friends Hannah and Rachel.  Totally lucky!  She also got Spanish as her language specialization, which is extra lucky, since learning Spanish was the main reason we decided to try Renaissance.

Kabe was outside while we were doing pictures, and was nice enough to play with the girls for over an hour.  He is such a nice boy!

. : signing "water" : .

. : running : . 

The kids played Hide 'N Seek, and of course Cece had to go where the big kids were going.

This morning when I went to wake Ellie up, she was instantly wide awake and popped out of bed.  She was dressed in a flash and had her teeth brushed in no time.  She was so excited!  Ellie told me  that she is most excited for three recesses, eating lunch at school, wearing her cute uniforms again, and math.

We parked around the corner and walked Ellie in as a family.  Ellie and Lulu held hands the whole way.  Lu is pretty sad that Ellie is going to be gone all day, every day.

We walked in the front doors just as the 5 minute warning bell was ringing.  Ellie led the way to her classroom, gave everyone hugs and kisses, and walked right in without a backward glance.  And that's the way it should be!

She was sitting at her desk next to Hannah, doing her worksheet, before school even officially started.  I know she is going to have a fantastic year!

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