Friday, August 21, 2015

August 10 - 21

After spending precious time with Amy over the past few weeks, it was time to say good-bye!  She is going back to Oman tomorrow.

Lyssa came and took Ellie shopping and for a treat as a birthday present.  Ellie was so excited that she got to pick out a Puppy Surprise.  Cousins are the best!

. : photobomb by Lu's foot : .

It was the last day of dance class for the summer session.  The girls enjoy dance but it is time to take a break and focus on violin, school, and gymnastics.

Lynnie had a hard time today, and I am sure it is because the parents got to sit in the class and we were all watching her.  Miss Annie is really good about just getting her to participate.

But sometimes Lynnie has a hard time following directions.

Ah, now she's right.

Getting an award and a dance medal (plus the cool dance T-shirts) at the end made everything worth it!

. : Ellie, Miss Annie, Lynlee : .

We had lunch with Kanisha today, and after lunch we headed out for some "adult" conversation while the girls played and ran around the courtyard.

We have a collection of small toys in the diaper bag, with a princess set, a Frozen set, and a Doc McStuffins set.  Cece always chooses Doc McStuffins and Chilly.  I don't know if it's because Doc is the biggest, or if she recognizes that their brown faces match.  But it's interesting!  Cece played a fun game where she put Doc on the fence and then picked her up again, giggling all the time.

We love Kanisha!

Ellie's first homework assignment was to pick 5 things that describe herself, and take them to school to show her class.  She picked a dance medal, a perler bead star (to show she likes to do arts & crafts projects), a glass turtle, a scrunchie that matches her gymnastics leotard, and a book.

Ellie is quite the reader!  I love hearing her read out loud.

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