Friday, August 21, 2015

Cecilia is 19 Months Old

Lynnie Lu wanted her picture taken with a sticker as well.

At 19 months of age, Cece

~ wears 2T clothes, size 5 diapers, size 5 shoes
~ has learned how to take off her pajamas and likes to demonstrate this skill
~ loves to get into everything messy, like lipstick, hand sanitizer, vaseline, shampoo, and soap.
~ prefers to drink her milk by herself.  She will rarely let me snuggle her while she drinks.
~ has worn most of the corners of her blankets out.  She loves to rub the corners to soothe herself.
~ loves to run, especially on her tiptoes.  She has the cutest pitter-patter as she runs on the hardwood floor.
~ is obsessed with socks, and always wants to be wearing some.  She will sign "socks" emphatically while getting dressed.
~ is such a mimic, especially of routine actions.  She likes to help me get ready in the morning.  We brush our teeth together, and put on lotion together.  The funniest mimic action was when she tried to comb her hair, then pulled on the comb and walked over to the garbage can and shook her fingers.  She has noticed how I clean the comb out every morning and throw away the loose hairs.
~ does not speak very often any more.  The only word she consistently says now is "mama."  She signs more every day, and is starting to tease me.  She has always been good about signing "sleep" when she is tired and ready for her bed.  Now she will look at me, sign "awake" and then laugh!  She knows she is being funny.
~ is warming up to nursery -- a little bit!
~ is such a wonderful little person!  We are so lucky to be in her life.

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