Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ellie is 6!

Happy birthday to the sweetest, kindest, smartest, most independent 6 year old I know!  Ellie has a soft heart and tries so hard to do what is right.  She is very smart and thinks she knows more than most people around her -- including her mother.  She loves to ask questions and figure things out.

Ellie's Birthday Questionnaire

1.  What is Ellie's full name?  Eliana Caitlin Spencer
2.  What are her nicknames?  Ellie, Ella, Ellie Bellie
3.  How old is she today?  6
4.  What are her two favorite colors?  Pink and green
5.  Favorite foods?  Oatmeal and Lasagna
6.  Favorite treat?  Ice Cream
7. What does she have to have to go to sleep?  Lambie and Blankie
8.  Favorite TV show?  Curious George
9.  Favorite movie?  Princess Movies
10.  What is her favorite song?  Let it Go
11.  Favorite books?  Hello Kitty books
12.  What is her favorite character?  Elsa 
13.  What does she want to be when she grows up?  A Ninja Warrior
14.  Favorite animal?  Turtles and lambies
15. Favorite computer game?  Disneyjunior.com
16.  Favorite treat drink?  Sprite
17. Favorite flower?  Roses

I love this collage that Ky, aka Ellie's twin, made for her birthday.

Greg got up to go sunrise golfing with Tammy, but I let Ellie open the present from Lynlee and the one from Cece before breakfast.  Lynnie and I had gone shopping the day before, and Lynnie requested Walmart.  As soon as we got inside, she made a beeline for this Frozen fan and picked it.  Lynnie remembered from a month or more ago, when Ellie really wanted me to buy the fan and I said no.  What a thoughtful sister and a great gift!  Double bonus -- it was only $3 and was Ellie's favorite gift of the day.

We were lucky enough to have Papa and Nana with us for two years in a row on Ellie's birthday.  They stayed long enough to watch some present opening, and then got on the road to Idaho.

Papa's big idea was to fill this giant gift bag with shredded paper, and Ellie had to HUNT for her present.  It was a card with money, way at the bottom of the bag.  And Nana had glued shredded paper all over the envelope, which made it extra tricky.  I think Ellie hunted for over 5 minutes before she found the envelope.  Whew!  Papa said she needs to learn early that you have to work hard to earn your money :)

Robyn and Kevin dropped by for a few minutes to give Ellie a stuffed lamb from Kyrgyzstan and to say goodbye to Pops and Nana.

Ellie had already put on her new dress-up from Cece.

After saying good-bye to all of our friends, we loaded up to go to dance class.  Just as we were backing out of the driveway, Greg an Tammy got home.  Tammy volunteered to go pick up lunch, and Greg got the house cleaned up from the morning celebrations while we were gone.

After dance class, Ellie was very excited to open the rest of her presents.  She got some great art supplies from Aunt Jonette, books and a giant coloring book from Grandpa and Grandma,  and books, a new dress, & a Baby Alive from Greg and me.

After eating lunch with Tammy (who I neglected to take a picture with), she left to go to work, and we got ready to spend the afternoon with Tayler and her children.  Grandma Camp and Aunt Amy stopped by with presents, just in time for cake and ice cream (although I missed them in the pictures also!).

Tayler is such a thoughtful present giver, and always gives Ellie the best gifts!  This time was no exception.  Tayler brought ... a Baby Alive!  Ellie was in heaven to have two different Baby Alives that do two different things.  She has been asking for these dolls since before last Christmas (but after I had already gotten all of her presents).  She told me the next day that she likes the one Tayler gave her better than the one I gave her -- and that made me so happy!  I love that Ellie knows that Tayler loves and adores her.  Seriously, she is the best birth mom!

We stretched out our visit to the last possible minute and then ran to gymnastics.  It is always more fun when Daddy gets to come with us.

After gymnastics, we made Ellie her favorite dinner of steak and potatoes.  It was a great birthday!

We had Ellie's birthday party on Saturday.  Last year's party was a little too big, so this year I limited the guest list to 6.
Ellie's 5 year old party -- 2014
Of the 6 invited, 1 couldn't come, 1 was a maybe, and 1 forgot.  So we had a fantastic party with 3 friends, and it was perfect! (The maybe dropped by just after the party ended and played for a few minutes, which was also fun.)

Ellie chose a princess party, and the girls had fun putting on make-up.  I bought the cheapest make-up possible, which means the lipstick is pretty permanent.  Sorry to the moms who had girls with lipstick stains for church the next day...

Kylene & Tobyn and Mom & Amy came to be a part of the party as well.  It was a great time!

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