Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor

Adam & Lauren Taylor

So excited to welcome Lauren to the family, as she married my nephew Adam.  Parts of the celebration really made me feel old:  Bobi was pregnant with Adam at my wedding.

Things got kicked off on Friday as the girls and I went to Mom's house to help set up for the wedding brunch.  Amy handcrafted this amazing flower back drop, and it was fun to take pictures in front of it.

. : parents of the groom : .

Saturday was the big day for the happy couple!  Bobi made our girls fancy flower girl tutus, and I was excited that Cece was finally big enough to wear her pink zebra shoes, and all of the girls could match.  Except Ellie's are too small now, so she only wore them for these pictures.

We started with the wedding brunch at mom's house, including lots of photo opportunities in front of Amy's backdrop.

Cece was not a fan of all of the pictures we were taking!

Ellie, Lyssa (Adam's sister), Lynnie, Katie (Lauren's sister) 

Sarah & Lyssa

photo by Ellie

Nana and Pops


Lynnie looking so cute in her tutu.  Lauren gave Ellie and Lynnie these necklaces, and they were in heaven!

I got Cece to take a 15 minute nap by sneaking into my mom's bedroom after the brunch was over.  I couldn't feel my arm and woke her up as I tried to move it.  Oh, well.

 Adam and Lauren met in high school, and through a connection, they were able to take pictures in front of their high school's electronic sign.  Pretty cool!

After hanging out for a while at Mom's house, it was time to go to the temple.  We left the girls in the hands of the capable babysitters at mom's house and then they were brought up to meet us for pictures.

Again, Cece was not very excited for the photo op.  I just loved their floofy tutus!

Lynnie was pretty grumpy, until she could go say hi to Lauren.  She and Lauren are pals.

It was pretty hot outside, and we were all a little grumpy waiting for our turn to take pictures...

Lynnie was the most excited because we were at her temple.  She at first told me that she didn't want to share her temple with Adam and Lauren, but later she decided it would be fine.

Cece had fun signing "flower" and looking at all of the prettiness. 

After pictures, we had time to go home for a couple of hours and eat dinner.  Then it was back to West Valley for the reception.  Ellie loved holding Lauren's dress at the temple, and I was glad I thought to take a picture when I saw her go over and do it again at the reception (totally her own idea this time).

The ice cream was a big hit.

The pavilion was a little warm, but over on the grass, in the shade, it felt wonderful.  The big girls just ran and ran and ran.
There were two other little girls there, and they made friends and ran after each other for a long time.

 Photo booth fun!

And I just realized that I did not get pictures of Mom, Robyn, or Kevin.  Next time, for sure!

Here are some pictures that I snagged from Facebook.

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