Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Aquarium

I am not sure who the photographer was, Ellie or Lynnie, but I love finding pictures like this on my camera.

We went to the aquarium with Grandma, Amy, Jon, Travis, Sarah, and Gwen.  We had to get a picture of our whole group, because cousins are fun!

Our first stop was the rope bridge.  It was amazing to see how much more quickly Travis and Sarah could cross than Ellie and Gwen.

After seeing some of the animals, Jon, Sarah, Amy, and Grandma went to a movie while the rest of us played in the play center.  Travis made it so fun!  Ellie and Lynnie were in heaven, and Lynnie was glued to his side the whole time.

Cece even got pretty adventurous.

 Last stop, the otters.  And then we had had enough and said good-bye to everyone.  Mom's Christmas present to us of a pass to the aquarium was the best gift!

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