Thursday, August 27, 2015

Uh Oh!

I had escaped to the bathroom and was taking a 10 minute reading break.  Cece was playing right by me, and she would come and show me something and then go back out.  She likes to rummage through the drawers and comb her hair or pretend to put on lotion.  

Then she came and handed me a tube of mascara and signed COME.  Immediately, we went to survey the damage.  The mascara was still wet and wiped up easily, which was awesome.  And Cece was a great helper and wiped down the tub.

Fast forward a couple of hours, and we picked Ellie up from school.  Lynnie had packed a purse with lipstick and hand sanitizer, among other items.  Those are two of Cece's favorite things.  I gave the big girls the speech about making sure the purse was zipped and keeping it up high.  Ellie brought the purse back in the house and left it, (unbeknownst to me) unzipped, on the kitchen floor.  

I was talking with Ellie in my room about her day at school and kept on having the feeling that I should check on Cece.  Usually Cece follows us pretty closely.  I ignored that prompting...  

After a few minutes, Cece came in the bedroom, signed STOP, NO, COME and took off running.  We followed and found some lovely art work on the garage door, the bathroom door, the bathroom walls, the bathroom cabinets, and the kitchen desk cabinets.

We got to work cleaning, and I was proud of the big girls for immediately jumping in because they had left the lipstick out.  Luckily, that red lipstick cleaned right up.  It was a fun day of exploration!

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