Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 29 - September 2

Cece's first glimpse of the new bunk beds all assembled.

 Albert and Kanisha came over and played for a while Saturday morning.  Lulu totally scared Kanisha by hiding in her cubby.  She was calling, "come find me!" and Kanisha thought she was on the top bunk.  As Kanisha climbed, Lu popped open the door and startled Kanisha.  Ellie thought it was hilarious!

. : Albert and his mini-me : .

Lulu posed for this adorable picture to send to {M} on her birthday.

Cece showed off her posing skills with this headband she put on all by herself.

Cece showed me what a big girl she is by eating a bowl of applesauce with a spoon all by herself.  I decided to give her some yogurt next, but I clearly pushed my luck...

Fun times while we were waiting for gymnastics to start!  The girls love to pose for pictures as well as take pictures of themselves and others.

Lynnie has decided she loves UPSTART preschool now.  She is very good about being diligent at doing her school every day, and it is fun for Cece and I to sit by her and encourage her.  I was told at training that most children experience exponential growth in their learning after about 2000 minutes spent with the software.  By using it 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, the children will use it 3000 minutes in a year.  By increasing usage incrementally, to 20 minutes a day, the children will use it 4000 minutes a year, doubling their exponential growth.  It is a good reminder that small, daily, consistent efforts yield gigantic results.

Gotta love cool mornings spent playing outside in our pajamas.  And rain boots.


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