Monday, September 7, 2015

Beach Day

The weather was 74 degrees.  The sky was blue and gorgeous.  The company was outstanding.  It was a perfect day.

This is as close to the sand as Cece wanted to get for a long time. 

Eating chips was much more fun.

Loving their floaties!

Maybe I will stand on the sand.  But just for a minute.
This little boy's boat got away from him.  Ellie noticed, and without any prompting, grabbed the boat and swam it back to him.  Love that girl.

Swimming with Daddy, all the way to the rope.  The pond was deep today, higher than Greg's head.

Wow, I made it in the water!  I'm not too sure about this, but I will try it out.

I never changed Cece into her swim diaper because I was sure she was not getting near the water.  But she proved me wrong and happily played for about 30 minutes, sitting down and digging.

All changed and dry, and now I will just sit here with my feet in this bucket.

Ellie said it was the best day ever because we spent the whole day with Daddy.  Hallelujah for holidays like Labor Day!

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