Friday, September 18, 2015

Fall Carnival

The one big fundraiser that Renaissance Academy does every year is the Fall Carnival.  The girls have been looking forward to it since school started, and the day was finally here!  The girls and I were there early because I was helping to run Miss Fox's booth for the first hour.  Greg joined us after about 45 minutes and took the girls around for a while as I finished up my turn.

Learning how to do the plunger race was eventful and resulted in lots of spills.

Waiting in line at the dunk tank.  We were trying to dunk Mrs Holmgren, Ellie's kindergarten teacher, but she got out of the tank when there were still 4 people ahead of us in line.  Oh well.


Ellie and Lynnie were most excited to get their hair spray painted.  It was so windy, but the ladies from Great Clips gave it a valiant effort.

Hands down, our favorite booth was the Ninja Monkey Warrior course.

Ellie loved that she got to climb up and press the buzzer -- just like a real American Ninja Warrior!

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