Saturday, September 12, 2015


Ellie and Lynlee had the opportunity to play in the Suzuki Celebration Gala Concert, an event that happens every 5 years.  We had the rehearsal today at the Conference Center.  Cece got to stay home and play with {R}, which was totally awesome for them!

At first Lu wouldn't give me a smile.  She was a little overwhelmed by the size of the Conference Center.

All children 6 and under needed a parent to sit with them.  Lucky for Greg and I to be a part of the experience with the girls.  When we lined up outside of the Little Theater, they were lined up shortest to tallest.  Lynnie was the 2nd shortest, and Ellie was about 15 people up the line.  The fun thing was that the shortest girl was a girl who had been in Ellie's master class at Institute this summer.  We obediently lined up where we were told, and then when we were walking through the back hallways of the Conference Center, we pulled Ellie and Genna to the back of the line and all sat together.

Violin BFFs -- Ellie and Genna

{R} texted me this cute picture of the fun they were having together.  She had taken Cece to visit Aunt B, and Aunt B nicely shared some M&Ms.  Enough that Cece had some to take back home.

The Twinklers were excused earlier than we had expected, so we took advantage of the extra time and walked around the Conference Center.  The girls were fascinated with the waterfalls and the rooftop garden.

After we got home and thanked {R} profusely, Greg and I had about 20 minutes to get ready for our next event, the Stake Widows Dinner.  I was worried about how Cece would do with Round 2 of babysitters, but she was fine.  Hailey texted me this darling picture of them playing together.

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