Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Zoo with Grandma

After we went to the zoo last time, Lynnie asked Grandma if they could go again, just the two of them, and ride the carousel A LOT.  They made a plan, and today, finally, it was Zoo Day!

Lynnie packed her backpack with water and snacks, and agreed to let Puppy take a nap in Grandma's car.  I talked her out of wearing flip flops but couldn't talk her out of her flimsy zebra shoes.  She ended up with a nasty blister, but Grandma said she never complained about her foot hurting.

They had so much fun, and rode the carousel at least 7 times.  After a couple of times, Lu told Grandma to go sit down, because she didn't need anyone to stand by her any more.

They stayed as long as they could, and Grandma was cutting it close to her teaching violin time.  So Cece and I hopped in the van and ran up to Draper to pick Lu up.  We came around the corner right as Grandma was pulling in the garage.  Talk about good timing!  Lu was fast asleep in the back seat of Grandma's car.  We got Lu transferred to our van and headed to pick up Ellie from school.  

Cece was hilarious as we were waiting.  She would not stop hugging Lynnie.  And Lynnie just happily ate the rest of the cotton candy that Grandma had bought her.

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