Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cecilia is 21 Months Old

Last time I put the sticker away, I put it on the wrong side of the paper.  I couldn't pull it off this time, so I taped it to Cece's shirt.  That really threw her for a loop, and she was not happy about it at all.

Cece is good about showing me when she needs help with her hearing aids.

She can run the iPad like a pro.

At 21 months of age, Cece

~ wears size 2T/3T/4 clothes, size 5 shoes, size 5 diapers
~ has made the connection that signing = language and her use of signs has exploded.  I filled out some paperwork for PIP (her early intervention program) and counted up that she uses 120+ signs, plus understands more.  She is only limited by what I don't know.  For example, she loves to eat gummy bear vitamins.  There has been lots of finger pointing to the windowsill where they are kept.  I looked up how to sign "vitamin" and used it with Cece one day.  The next day, she signed "vitamin" and then pointed at the window.
~ will not wear her hearing aids in the van anymore.  Not only will she pull them out, she will pull the ear molds off of the amplifier and throw them.  The couple times I have forgotten to take them out, there have been some frantic looking sessions to find the ear molds!
~ loves to play in the bathtub.  She signs FISH and ELEPHANT and PLAY every time.
~ loves ice cream.  And it is one of my favorite things for her to sign.  She will say ICE CREAM and COLD and it kills me every time.
~ loves her ASL playgroup.  I love how many signs we learn each week!
~ adores her sisters and quickly learned their name signs, as well as her own.  (I had heard that you could only get a name sign from a deaf friend.  I was talking with Lori about it -- our PIP person -- and she said that was true, but that also a parent could give name signs to their children.  Since Lori is deaf (bonus!), we quickly worked together to come up with name signs for the girls.  Ellie's is an E tapped by her eye, since she notices everything and is super smart.  Lynnie's is the sign for TEASE with an L on the top hand, since she loves to tease people.  Cece's is the sign for CURLY HAIR with a C and one hand, since she has the best hair ever.)
~ is the happiest of happy people, when she is happy.  Can melt in the blink of an eye, especially after being told NO
~ is very routine oriented and likes to know what is going to happen next.  My favorite thing every day is when we wave good-bye to Daddy and Ellie, as they head off to school and work.  Cece enthusiastically waves and blows kisses, and then she has to push the button to put down the garage.
~ is so much fun!  We are grateful every day that she is in our family.

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