Saturday, October 31, 2015


The weather on Halloween was perfect, and we started the morning putting our garden to bed.  We harvested the final tomatoes, kale, and zucchini, and pulled out all the potatoes, onions, and carrots.  Ellie spearheaded picking the last of the raspberries, and Cece loved eating them and smooshing them all over herself.

Ellie's costume came with a glittery mask.  When she wore it to LPM on Friday, her eyes got irritated, so she came up with a good idea to have a make-up mask this time.

Next up was a highly anticipated event:  a Halloween party at the girls' gymnastics gym.  They had fun games set up all around the gym.  My biggest worry was that when we went back to class the next week, Cece would think she would get to go on the mats with her sisters again.

It was magic during the cake walk.  The music stopped, and Cece won a prize.  And then Lynlee.  And then Ellie.  Pure magic!  Those girls running the game were amazing pickers.

. : costume parade : .

After the party, we headed home to go trick or treating.  Cece was excited at first to run around.

Cece's first door approach.

"Come on, Dad!"

Am I supposed to climb up there?

I made it!

Mom, Dad, why aren't you coming?

Oh, I get treats if I stand by the door and look cute?

Hope's parents were busily working on painting their shutters, so Hope came with us for a while trick-or-treating.

Cece was really excited.  She loves Hope.

Where is that lollipop?

There it is!

Cece is such a mimic.  She loves to shield her eyes from the bright sun, just like mom and dad.

After doing the Hillside Drive loop, Hope went home and I took Cece home.  Greg took Ellie and Lynnie one more street, because they had to go see Mom Julie!

Ellie said her favorite part of Halloween was handing out treats after she got home.  Lynnie agreed.  They were so cute, sitting in the front door, eating chicken nuggets, waiting for people to come to the door.

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