Monday, October 19, 2015

October 17 - 19

We love having family adventures on Saturdays, and Ellie has dubbed it Family Fun Day.  It was raining off and on all morning while we did chores and ran errands, but it cleared up in time.  We went out to dinner and then stopped by Discovery Park on our way home.  The weather was perfect and there weren't very many people at the park.

I don't want to walk!

I want a turn!

A new thing Cece does is pat your shoulders when you are carrying her.  Super cute.

Ellie drew this picture in her Primary class:

I can show my love for Jesus Christ by:
taking the sacrament

Greg had a 20 minute break so he popped in to have some lunch.  I was filling up Cece's milk, and he swooped her up and snuggled her right to sleep.  Then he had to run back to another appointment, and never did eat lunch.

When we go to the allergy doctor, the girls go in the little playroom while we are waiting.  The DVD player has been broken for months, which is great.  But it was working this time, and Finding Nemo was playing.  Cece enthusiastically signed FISH the whole time they were in there.

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