Friday, October 23, 2015

October 20 - 23

Lynnie, Cece and I spent a fun hour at the farm.  Lynnie was excited to find the first animal.

Cece was not.

Lynnie signed DONKEY and mimic followed, and then all was well.

The key to a long pony ride is going on a Tuesday morning (apparently).  There were two children on ponies when we walked up, and the lady in charge stopped the ponies, we put Lynnie on, and they started up again.  They must have gone for a solid 10 minutes.  Lynnie loved every second.

Cece loved cheering her on.

The wagon ride was super fun and super chilly.  Lynnie put her hood on, but Cece would not keep hers on.  She would pull it off and sign HAT.  Lynnie loved pretending to be Pam & Jimmy and doing the Saturday's Warrior hand motion.

Another favorite was feeding the ducks.

That night we got to go to Baylee's 1st Birthday Party.  

Jessica always has the coolest decorations and themes.

Lynnie's favorite show right now is My Little Ponies.  We made a Princess Cadence unicorn costume and she wore it for a few days straight.

We were excited to have a family adventure at the Harvest Festival at the Sanderson Community Center for the Deaf.  There were lots of fun activities and crafts, and it was nice to talk with other families and try out my fledgling ASL.  I 'm starting to understand about half of the words, which lets me guess at what is being said.
 2 Cinderellas and Princess Cadence

Balloons are Cece's favorite right now.  She knows which cabinet I store some in at home, and she will sign BALLOON and then run to the cabinet and point.  I always blow up a new one for her. 

The big girls loved being wrapped up like a mummy, with paper towels.

Break free!

Greg was obedient and sat down at the photo booth.  But I couldn't get the any of the girls to cooperate.  Oh, well.

The tombstone photo booth.

Ellie sat down a little later at the photo booth.

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